ConsensusDocs Hits A Decade



On September 27th, 2017 the first consensus standard contracts written by and for the construction industry reached a 10-year milestone. This first-of-its kind coalition has grown from 20 organizations in 2007 to 40 leading organizations today, while being at the forefront of breaking down contractual obstacles. The catalog of contracts has grown from 70 to over 100 standard contracts and in this 10-year period has established a track record of success with billions of dollars of construction put in place using ConsensusDocs contracts.

“As the construction economy continues to recover from the great recession, we are seeing a movement to fair contracts that are better designed for today’s industry accelerate,” according to executive director Brian Perlberg. “From creating contracts using the latest in industry trends, including IPD, BIM and lean to educating the construction industry with sound business practices and a mutually beneficial approach, ConsensusDocs will continue to lead the way in having an impact on the construction industry.”