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    703 -

    Purchase Agreement for Noncommodity Goods

    This is a comprehensive agreement for the purchase of complex goods that meet specific project requirements (and may require specific on-site labor for installation). It coordinates between the Contractor, Distributor and Factory, and assigns risk and liability where each party has control.

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    725 -

    Agreement Between Subcontractor and Subsubcontractor (Includes Exhibit E)

    The first and only standard agreement of its kind, this form is for use between a Subcontractor and a Subsubcontractor and is suited to the generally less complex relationship between these two parties. Includes Exhibit E: Insurance Requirements.

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    746 -

    Constructor and Geotechnical Consultant Agreement

    Addresses the unique nature of services provided by a geotechnical consultant.

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    747 -

    Constructor and Consultant Agreement

    Constructors use to contract with a consultant to perform specific services.

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    748 -

    Constructor and Testing Lab Agreement

    Addresses the unique nature of services provided by a testing lab.

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    749 -

    Agreement Between Constructor and Laboratory for Hazardous Waste Testing

    New standard contract for testing laboratory services specifically designed for testing hazardous waste.

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    750 -

    Agreement Between Constructor and Subcontractor

    This subcontract is intended to be generally compatible with ConsensusDocs 200 or other agreements. An indemnity provision is also included.

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    751 -

    Short Form Agreement Between Constructor and Subcontractor

    This short form subcontract includes essential terms and conditions including an indemnity provision.

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    752 -

    Standard Subcontract Agreement for Use on Federal Government Construction Projects

    The first and only standard subcontract agreement for federal projects that is compliant with the 2012 Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Includes Exhibits H (FAR Provisions) and I.