The State of the Art in IPD Contracting: The New ConsensusDocs 300 and How to Contract for IPD & Lean Webinar

February 24, 2016

Description: How do you contractually effectuate Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and lean tools? Contracts that match your intentions of actually encouraging collaboration and communication are more likely to achieve success. Much has been learned and refined during the past five years, and ConsensusDocs just released an entirely updated standard IPD agreement and new IPD Joining Agreement. This webinar will provide insight into the latest, best practices for IPD and lean based upon experiences. You will hear from some of the lead drafters of the new ConsensusDocs 300 IPD Agreement and 396 Joining agreement. 

You will learn: 

  • How to set risk and rewards, including your limitation of liability. 
  • Best practice options for closing potential insurance gaps and addressing difficult warranty issues. 
  • Learn how to establish permissible costs and avoid hidden contingencies. 
  • Understand how organizational structure, business processes, and commercial terms should align with project goals.

Joe Cleves, Esq.             Joel Darrington, Esq.       Will Lichtig, Esq.                 Patrick J. O'Connor, Esq.     Brian Perlberg, Esq.
Partner                           Contracting Counsel        Construction Executive       Partner                                 Executive Director & Senior Counsel
DBL Law                          DPR Construction            The Boldt Company             Faegre Baker Daniels LLP    ConsensusDocs


Webinar Recording

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Managing Integrated Project Delivery

ConsensusDocs 300 Guidebook

ConsensusDocs 300 Sample*

ConsensusDocs 396 Sample*

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