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    300 -

    Multi-Party Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Agreement

    This is the first standard IPD agreement published in the United States.  The Owner, Designer and Constructor all sign the same agreement. This agreement incorporates Lean principles and is also known as  a relational contract. A core team at both the project management and project development levels is created to make consensus-based project decisions to increase project efficiency and results.

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    301 -

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) Addendum

    The first standard contract document that globally addresses legal and administration issues associated with using BIM, it is intended to be used as an identical contract addendum for all project participants inputting information into a BIM Model. It also includes a BIM Execution Plan, which allows the parties to determine the level of reliance for the BIM model.

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    305 -

    NEW: Lean Construction Addendum

    The ConsensusDocs Lean Addendum is most applicable for parties that are interested in getting the benefits of lean tools and techniques, but are not ready to use a pure integrated project delivery (IPD) agreement, like the ConsensusDocs 300. The underlying prime agreement that the Lean Addendum would coordinate best with is a Construction Manager (CM) At-Risk agreement, such as the ConsensusDocs 500 CM At-Risk agreement.

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    310 -

    Green Building Addendum

    Another industry first – appropriate for use on projects with green building elements, particularly those seeking a third-party green building rating certification such as LEED. It provides a contractual mechanism to identify clear objectives, and assign roles and responsibilities to achieve green goals. The parties designate a Green Building Facilitator (GBF) to coordinate or implement identified objectives, which can be a project participant or consultant. It contemplates that such services will be included in the underlying agreement with the project participant or in a separate agreement with a GBF.

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    396 -

    Tri Party Agreement for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

    This Joining Agreement is intended for use with the ConsensusDocs 300 IPD Agreement