Deborah Bovarnick Mastin
Past-President, DRBF Region 1

Kurt L. Dettman
President-Elect, DRBF Region 1

Ferdi Fourie
Kiewit Corporation

April 25, 2014

Webinar Summary

Could your projects benefit from resolving potential disputes at the project level, without litigation or arbitration? Then find out how you might structure a Dispute Review Board (DRB) in your next contract. DRBs are recognized worldwide for their effectiveness in the real time avoidance and resolution of disputes on major projects. DRBs enhance project success through significant decreases in claims, costs, and time overruns.

The webinar presenters were leaders in the ConsensusDocs Working Group of the recently published ConsensusDocs DRB Addendum (200.4) and DRB Three-Party Agreement (200.5). You will learn best practices for specifying a DRB in your contract and how to effectively structure the multiple party DRB agreement. You will also learn practice tips on the most effective use of DRBs to create “claims free zones” on construction projects.


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