The purpose of this page is to provide a quick access point for presentation and educational materials for ConsensusDocs that you may freely use. Please feel free to contact us directly for other resources.

Welcome to ConsensusDocs

An introductory video to ConsensusDocs.

ConsensusDocs PowerPoint Presentation

The ConsensusDocs PowerPoint presentation is a free resource that will help presenters educate their audience on a variety of ConsensusDocs topics, including: the background of ConsensusDocs, recent contract releases, and comparisons of competing standardized construction contract providers.

Top Ten Reasons Why Your Projects Need ConsensusDocs

Top ten reasons why ConsensusDocs help owners get the best project team, at the best prices, for better project results.

ConsensusDocs Educational License

If you are interested in using ConsensusDocs contract documents for educational or legal research purposes, you may apply for a free ConsensusDocs Educational License. Once your application is processed, you will receive a numbered license letter and full watermarked samples of the requested documents. You can also request online access so that your students can use the collaboration platform. Licenses must be renewed on a yearly basis, and are contingent upon compliance with the terms of your license letter.

ConsensusDocs Advertisement

Placing a ConsensusDocs ad is a great way to inform your members of the discounted prices they receive. If you are interested in using a ConsensusDocs advertisement, please contact us and we will work with you to create an ad.

Click here for a PDF ad. 

Click here for a JPEG ad. 

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