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“The way we design, and build is broken, and it needs to be fixed” is a sentiment expressed by builders and owners alike. ConsensusDocs was created to stop the madness of unfair contacts with best practices that have led to over an estimated $40 billion in construction without a reported court decision.

AI Solutions for Construction Contracts:

Now technology is upending how we create and negotiate contracts, in particular AI offers promising solutions for understanding risks in contracts, allowing people in your company to do more with less, and to support contract negotiations. ConsensusDocs is connecting its technology platform that delivers best in class standard construction contracts with Document Crunch, the only contract AI platform that was purpose-built for the construction industry.

Using Document Crunch will empower both attorneys and non-legal operations to understand, bid, and negotiate contracts as well as empower project teams to administrate day to day contract issues more efficiently.

Document Crunch’s analysis will highlight the critical issues:

Significantly, sections of sample ConsensusDocs language is now incorporated to help Document Crunch users figure out what best practice and fair language they should consider when confronted with highlighted issues. Document Crunch’s analysis will highlight the critical issues as well as what is missing from your contract to uncover hidden risk. Document Crunch also tells you why the highlighted issue is important, which can be customized with your own contract review checklists, company policies and preferred language embedded into contract reviews, etc.

Overall, this empowers our industry to better understand and manage risks. This aligns perfectly with ConsensusDocs’ mission to improve the project results through fair contracts.

ConsensusDocs contracts are developed by a coalition of 41 leading industry associations representing owners, contractors, subcontractors, designers, and sureties. ConsensusDocs contracts further the best interests of the project rather than a singular party, yielding better project results and fewer disputes.

Document Crunch, curated by legal professionals and risk management experts in the construction industry, harnesses state of-the-art artificial intelligence/machine learning technology to quickly identify what curators believe are the most important provisions in contract documents, and to also provide key insights and rationale, as well as sample contract provisions and other language. The context gained from using Document Crunch empowers users in the construction industry to better understand risks during bidding, make better decisions as to risk during negotiations, and to better administrate day to day issues on construction projects.

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