ConsensusDocs publishes a comprehensive catalog of 100+ documents that cover all your contract document needs. ConsensusDocs are the only standard contracts developed by a diverse coalition of 40+ leading associations with members from all stakeholders in the design and construction industry. ConsensusDocs contracts incorporate best practices and fairly allocate risk to help reduce costly contingencies and adversarial negotiations.

All parties in a construction project deserve to work under a fair contract – one in which their interests are represented during the drafting process. ConsensusDocs contracts are developed by a coalition of 40+ leading industry associations representing owners, contractors, subcontractors, designers, and sureties. ConsensusDocs contracts protect the best interests of the project rather than a singular party, yielding better project results and fewer disputes.

Read the ConsensusDocs Procedures and review the ConsensusDocs Contract Content Advisory Council (CCAC) and the Business and Marketing Advisory Council (BMAC). Questions? See our FAQs.

ConsensusDocs incorporate best practices to provide a better contractual foundation and reduce costly risk contingencies. ConsensusDocs covers all your construction contracting needs with over 100 industry-tested contracts and forms.

Whether working at the office, on the road, or at home, the new ConsensusDocs platform provides instant access to your contract documents from any computer through a secure web-based portal. Log in, and your personalized dashboard makes it easy to locate recent projects, edit contracts, review changes made by your collaborators, or start a new contract using any of our 100+ contracts.

Advantages of ConsensusDocs Contract Documents:

  • Help you save time and money by providing a better contractual foundation to build, written in plain English instead of legalese;
  • Encourage direct and positive communications instead of creating contractual silos;
  • Give owners an active role in the design and construction process;
  • Address essential legal and insurance issues, including a “hold harmless” provision.

The advantages of using industry-accepted standard form contracts are significant.  They are cost-effective, easily edited via MS Word®, and accessible 24/7 via our secure online technology. ConsensusDocs contracts are regularly updated to keep pace with changes in the law and the industry, and all subscribers receive new and updated contracts within their packages at no charge.  The comprehensive catalog addresses all major project delivery methods and provides coordinated administrative forms.  ConsensusDocs standard contracts offer an invaluable reference to accepted industry practices and customs.

Simply put, ConsensusDocs are a better way to build.