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Full Sample Contract Requests

To view samples of a ConsensusDocs contract, please complete our Request a Sample form.

To ensure fair usage of all ConsensusDocs contracts, nonsubscribers are limited to three (3) sample downloads. Subscribers who have a subscription other than the Full Package (Unlimited) subscription may download up to three (3) contracts NOT INCLUDED within their subscription package. There is no limit on the number of sample downloads for subscribers who have either purchased the Full Package (Unlimited) subscription or for contracts included within a user’s active subscription package.

Please note that ConsensusDocs are copyrighted documents.  Any use of the contracts, other than for your internal review purposes, must come from a valid subscription purchase on our Pricing page.

Educational and Research Full Sample Contract Requests

If you are interested in using ConsensusDocs contract documents for educational or legal research purposes, you may apply for a free ConsensusDocs Educational License. Once your application is processed, you will access receive a license and be able to download full watermarked samples. You can also request online access so that your students can use the collaboration platform. Licenses must be renewed on a yearly basis, and are contingent upon compliance with the terms of your license letter.