Contracts Used:

  • ConsensusDocs 200 – Owner and Constructor Agreement (Lump Sum)
  • ConsensusDocs 260 – Performance Bond
  • ConsensusDocs 261 – Payment Bond
  • ConsensusDocs 262 – Bid Bond

Project Contractor: WAR Construction, Inc.

Project Description: Contracts between the City of Northport and 11 Trade Contractors to build a new Fire Station for the City of Northport under the supervision of WAR Construction, Inc.

Project Testimonial: “Since this was a tax savings project, each Trade Contractor needed to have a Contract directly with the Owner. Blank copies of the ConsensusDocs documents for Contractors were provided to the City’s legal team, the City Council and Project Architect to review. All parties agreed that the ConsensusDocs documents filled the gaps in documents available through the City’s legal team.”