Nabholz Construction Corp.

Contracts Used: Consensus Doc 706 – Subcontract Performance Bond

Project Description: CM At-Risk delivering an expanded middle school facility for a public school district. The project 14,350 square feet of new construction and 10,000 square feet of renovation. The new construction, consisting of tilt-wall with structural steel, paired with the renovation, completely updated this middle school facility, which initially opened in the 1980s. Its new features include an expanded gymnasium, new two-story classroom addition, administration offices, a larger, more efficient bus loop, secure entryway, and an expanded fine arts department, which doubles as a storm shelter. It is part of a 2017 bond package, with work throughout the district totaling $74 million.

Project Testimonial: “A week before the school was to open for students and staff, the paving subcontractor defaulted. Using Consensus Docs, we were able to take quick action on the bonds and hire a replacement subcontractor to complete the paving work. Using this form cut out much of the red tape and loopholes required by other forms. The work was done promptly, and the matter was resolved entirely with full payment to Nabholz in less than 36 days.”

Ashlea Brown, J.D. – Associate Corporate Counsel