Contracts Used:

  • ConsensusDocs 301 – Building Information Modeling (BIM) Addendum

Project Contractor: Clancy & Theys Construction Company

Project Description: CM at risk contract with the State of North Carolina to construct an education center consisting of exhibit halls, meeting rooms, auditorium, and food facilities near the site of the historic Tryon Palace.

Project Testimonial: “The construction team used 3D modeling as the primary method of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire suppression system coordination. As the Construction Manager, we needed a way to organize and legitimize the modeling process. Even though the BIM Addendum assumes that the project owner, architect, and contractor will partner in the modeling process, it was easily adaptable to our situation. The ConsensusDOCS 301 provided the right guidance in drafting an agreement between Clancy & Theys and our specialty contractors for the 3D coordination effort.”

Harry L. McKinney, Jr, DBIA, AIA – Virtual Design Construction Manager