Contracts Used:

  • ConsensusDocs 410 -Owner and Design-Builder Agreement (Cost of Work Plus Fee with GMP)
  • ConsensusDocs 450 – Design-Builder and Subcontractor Agreement

Project Contractor:  Brexton Construction, LLC
Project Description: The project consists of an existing one-story warehouse building approximately 229,000 sf. The building was damaged by a wind storm which caused a 44,000 sf portion of the roof to collapse pulling all the mechanical systems in with it. A portion of the exterior concrete tilt walls were also blown out, demolished and removed leaving the building exposed to the elements. The building, shipping and receiving had to remain in operation for the duration of the project. Brexton, the tenant, owner, insurance company, lender and code officials all working together made it possible to complete the project in just less than eleven weeks with only 8 change orders (3 of which were a deducts for allowances not needed).
Project Testimonial: “This unique design-build project forced the insurance claims team, owners, tenant, design builder and major trades to expedite every facet of reconstructing this thriving distribution center for the tenant. I convinced the owner that a collaborative team effort would achieve the best results for their tenant. The fact that the ConsensusDOCS were created through a collaborative industry effort and support this very type of project better than other Standard Agreements and General Condition contracts available on the market today, was a key point in selling the delivery method to the owner.”
Tim Galvin, President/CEO Brexton Construction, LLC