June 12, 2023

ConsensusDocs is holding a webinar entitled What Contractors Need to Prioritize in Their Subcontracts on June 14th. General Contractors and Subcontractors will be able to identify the most important terms to negotiate and how ConsensusDocs addresses each issue by attending this webinar. These priorities include:

  • Subcontract Flow down
  • Notice
  • Conflicts and Establishing an Order of Precedence
  • Indemnity
  • Pay-if-Paid vs Pay-When-Paid.

Attendees will also learn how to ConsensusDocs addresses these issues and considerations for modifications to the standard language from both a General Contractor and Subcontractor perspective. You will also learn how to leverage these provisions to get to a consensus middle ground when negotiating bespoke or other standard contract documents. Register here.