Owner and Design Professional Agreement

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This is a standard agreement between an Owner of a construction project and a Design Professional to perform a full range of design (architectural or engineering services) and administrative services for a construction project. This agreement is to be used with design-bid-build project that requires the Owner of the project to hire a Design Professional (architect or engineer) to provide design services (Basic and possibly Additional Services).

The general conditions include the responsibilities allocated to each party and address critical contract issues. The contract issues include: confidentiality, time for services, consequential damages, delays by Design Professional or Owner, compensation, indemnity, insurance, termination, dispute resolution and mitigation, ownership of documents, standard of care, and the ability of the Design Professional to request financial information. Parties can modify the terms of the agreement for their individual project needs and state law requirements.

This agreement includes Basic Services, including cost estimates, preliminary project schedule, schematic design documents, design development documents, construction documents, design coordination, bidding assistance, submittals, worksite visits, meetings, and inspections. The parties may elect Additional Services, such as acting as a Green Building Facilitator or processing payment applications.

This agreement assumes that construction services will be provided by a Constructor (aka builder, general contractor, design-bid-builder, construction manager). This is considered a long form agreement.

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