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The ConsensusDocs Design-Build Lean Addendum is the first and only standard contract document tailored to incorporate Lean practices to specifically work in the design-build project delivery method. This addendum would be attached to the prime design-build agreements like the ConsensusDocs 400, 410 or 415 as well as the subcontract (CD 450, 460) and design professional agreements (CD 420). Design-build is an alternative project delivery method that offers integrated design and construction services, but does not explicitly incorporate Lean practices contractually. The 431 Design-Build Lean Addendum memorializes which Lean practices you plan to incorporate in your next design-build project. By using the 431, users will get the vast majority of the benefits of Lean tools and techniques, but are not ready to use a pure integrated project delivery (IPD) agreement, like the ConsensusDocs 300.

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