Constructor and Subcontractor Agreement (Long Form)

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Construction Contracts: Watch Your Language

Language is important in construction contracts. After all, the word contractor or subcontractor can’t be said or spelled without the word contract. It’s baked right in.

When the language in construction documents is readable and understandable, it’s a lot easier to negotiate a contract. When the language is clear, so are project expectations.

And when the language is consistent throughout each contract document, even better.

ConsensusDocs 750: Don’t Leave Anything to Chance

ConsensusDocs’ 750 Constructor and Subcontractor Agreement (Long Form) provides a standard agreement between a constructor and subcontractor, with the general terms and conditions and the construction agreement terms conveniently integrated into one document. This construction contract is also:

  • Written by 40 leading associations with members representing all stakeholders in the construction industry.
  • Crafted to be understood by everyone on the project, from business owners and decision makers to their partners in the field.
  • Comprehensive and addresses the design-bid-build project delivery method.
  • Compatible with ConsensusDocs’ 200 and other prime construction contract agreements, but flexible enough to work with other standard contracts.

The 750 Constructor and Subcontractor Agreement allocates risks and responsibilities fairly and efficiently between the Design-Builder and the Subcontractor. It also covers in detail key contracting issues like:

  • Scope of work
  • Subcontract price
  • Changes
  • Payment (pay-when-paid)
  • Indemnification (compensation for harm or loss)
  • Insurance and bond
  • Termination
  • Dispute resolution and mitigation

Confusing legalese leads to a failure of people executing their roles, requirements, and responsibilities, ending in costly claims and disputes. But with ConsensusDocs’ 750 Constructor and Subcontractor Agreement (Long Form), you can be assured that when a complex situation inevitably arises, it’s been addressed in the contract.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Use the ConsensusDocs’ 750 for your sophisticated project to save time and money in the long run. See sample and purchase options below.

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