February 27, 2020

ConsensusDocs 300 and 305 Lean and IPD with Lean Contracting Tools

  • Webinar: The ConsensusDocs 300 IPD Lean Standard Agreement (IFOA). Click here.
  • Webinar: An Overview of the New ConsensusDocs 305 Lean Addendum. Click here.

ConsensusDocs 300 & 305 Guidelines:

Additional Resources:

Download Samples of ConsensusDocs 305, 300 & 541 in 3 Easy Steps!

Looking for fair contracts that yield better project results, while saving you time and money? Follow the below three steps to download three free samples, and find yourself one step closer to building a better way!

1. Click “Get Started“ located at the top of this page.
2. Once registered, navigate to the “Contracts,” located to the right of the ConsensusDocs logo. Find the contract that you would like to review.
3. Click “Preview” under the description to view the sample. Right click the PDF, and save to your device.


Should you have questions please contact our sales specialist, Nick, at 703-837-5336 or sales@consensusdocs.org. We are always here to help keep you ahead of the curve!