Brian Perlberg, Esq.
Executive Director, ConsensusDocs

May 17, 2019

ConsensusDocs just released a supplemental Guidebook to the ConsensusDocs 541 Standard Design-Assist Addendum. The Guidebook provides users tools and commentary to modify the standard design-assist contract document for their specific project. As the first industry standard contract for design-assist, the commentary is important new resource. “Design-assist services are not a monolith, but rather a range of services that facilitates design development that improve the constructability and overall quality of design documents by getting input from key trade contractors and Constructors earlier.” says Brian Perlberg, Executive Director of ConsensusDocs.

The ConsensusDocs 541 provides a range of best practice options so that users can select the services tailored to their individual projects and teams. The new guidebook helps users make those important contractual choices, as well as provides a sample form for developing a responsibility matrix. Joe Leone of Drewry Simmons Vornehm LLP in Indianapolis, Indiana, who chaired the ConsensusDocs design-assist working group, “Now there is a standard contract to reflect the best practices used for design-assist.” Mr. Leone further elaborates, “Design-assist provides owners as well as builders and designers a process to make better informed and organized decisions earlier to produce better quality design documents with less redesign.”

The Design-Assist Addendum is meant to be used in conjunction with the ConsensusDocs 500 or 510 (Owner – CM at Risk) and ConsensusDocs 240 (Owner – Design Professional) in situations where project teams intend to use a collaborative process but do not wish to use Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). The Design-Assist Addendum is comprehensive and allows for parties to customize the document to fit each project’s circumstances.

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