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In the face of labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and unpredictable prices, ABC members know the importance of setting their projects up for success. By choosing ConsensusDocs contracts, they can mitigate risks, minimize disputes,
and save on costs.

Michael D. Bellaman, President and CEO, Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Washington, D.C.

What is ConsensusDocs?

ConsensusDocs publishes a comprehensive catalog of 100+ documents that cover all your contract document needs. ConsensusDocs are the only standard contracts developed by a diverse coalition of 40+ leading associations with members from all stakeholders in the design and construction industry. ConsensusDocs contracts incorporate best practices and fairly allocate risk to help reduce costly contingencies and adversarial negotiations.


How Does ConsensusDocs Help ABC Members?

ConsensusDocs contracts address fundamental issues like payment, schedule, disputes, and termination in a manner that helps build a better contractual foundation for better project results. Associated Builders and Contractors members benefit from industry standards that include active owner participation to avoid unnecessary risk contingencies. Contractors may also better leverage their negotiating position by conditioning their bids to work under fair terms. Rather than funnel information and create contractual silos, ConsensusDocs contracts encourage owners and contractors to communicate directly.

ConsensusDocs contracts are written in clear, understandable language to help guide performance and contract administration rather than litigating poorly written contracts.

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