Using ConsensusDocs 300:
How to Contract for IPD & Lean

How do you contractually effectuate Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and lean tools? Contracts that match your intentions of actually encouraging collaboration and communication are more likely to achieve success. This webinar will provide insight into the latest, best practices for IPD and lean based upon experiences. You will hear from some of the lead drafters of the new ConsensusDocs 300 IPD Agreement and 396 Joining Agreement. (Recorded 2017)

An Overview of the ConsensusDocs 305 Lean Addendum

The ConsensusDocs Coalition has published the industry’s first Lean Addendum standard contract document. The ConsensusDocs 305 utilizes lean tools and processes without an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) agreement. Learn from Joel Darrington on some of the features and best uses for the ConsensusDocs 305 Lean Addendum. (Recorded 2018)

ConsensusDocs 300 & 305 Guidelines

Additional Resources & Articles

ConsensusDocs 305 – New Tool to Contract for Lean Projects

Article written by Joel W. Darrington, Contracting Counsel, DPR Construction

What is a Project Culture?

Article written by Tom Richert, Principal, Lean Project Consulting, Inc.

Managing Integrated Project Delivery

White paper by CMAA providing insights and understanding on how you can build on and continue the tradition of innovation in the construction industry.

Lean Deployment Planning Guide

Jointly developed by LCI and Penn State, this guide is designed to walk the project team through the steps of the planning procedure to systematically create their project specific Lean Deployment Plan.

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