Owner and Design-Builder Preliminary Agreement

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This agreement is intended to be used with a ConsensusDocs 410 (Agreement and General Conditions Between Owner and Designer (Cost of Work with GMP) or a ConsensusDocs 415 Agreement and General Conditions Between an Owner and Design-Builder (Lump Sum).  This agreement involves the Owner of the construction project and the Design-Builder (aka builder, general contractor, constructor, construction manager), and is intended to start a design-build project. Design-build projects are where an Owner of the construction project expects the Design-Builder to provide design services (Basic and possibly Additional Services) as well as the building services. This agreement and is used to establish and clarify the team relationship, responsibilities of each party, ownership of documents, contract time, compensation, and liability insurance. Parties can modify the terms of the agreement for their individual project needs and state law requirements. This document is compatible with progressive design build projects, as this agreement allows an Owner to procure the services of a Design-Builder based upon their qualifications alone, without expending the high costs of detailed proposals.

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