November 16, 2010

Washington D.C. – On October 16, 2010 the Construction Specifications Institute’s (CSI) Board of Directors officially endorsed six ConsensusDOCS contract documents. CSI joined the ConsensusDOCS® coalition in spring 2010 to contribute in the creation of best practices for construction documentation and communication. CSI participated in drafting sessions as an equal member. The CSI Technical Committee reviewed six documents for adherence to CSI principles, and recommended endorsement of those documents.

“CSI is proud to actively participate in creating contract documents that adhere to CSI technical principles and can benefit our members,” states Walter Marlowe, CSI Executive Director. “CSI’s participation with the ConsensusDOCS coalition aligns nicely with our mission of advancing building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance. We look forward to continuing our work with the coalition on behalf of the CSI membership.”

“CSI’s contributions as an organization of design and construction professionals interested in improving facility performance further diversify an industry-wide effort to get better project results through better contracts,” says Brian Perlberg, Executive Director and Counsel of ConsensusDOCS. He added, “Their input helped write a better contractual foundation for today’s evolving design and construction industry.”

ConsensusDOCS will be publishing revised editions of its core agreement on January 19, 2011. CSI has endorsed:

  • ConsensusDOCS 200 – Agreement and General Conditions Between Owner and Constructor
  • ConsensusDOCS 221 – Contractor’s Statement of Qualifications
  • ConsensusDOCS 240 – Agreement Between Owner and Design Professional and General Conditions
  • ConsensusDOCS 420 – Agreement Between Design-Builder and Design Professional and General Conditions
  • ConsensusDOCS 703 – Purchase Agreement for Noncommodity Goods by a Contractor
  • ConsensusDOCS 750 – Agreement Between Constructor and Subcontractor

CSI is a national association of more than 13,000 members (including specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors, facility mangers, product representatives, manufacturers, and owners) working collaboratively to improve facility performance. For more information, please visit

ConsensusDOCS offers a catalog of 90+ contract documents covering all methods of project delivery, ConsensusDOCS contracts incorporate fair risk allocation and best practices to represent the project’s best interests. ConsensusDOCS are the only standard contract documents written and endorsed by 29 Coalition members representing Designers, Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors and Sureties (DOCS). For more information, please visit


ConsensusDOCS Media Contacts:

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  • Brian Turmail, The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), 703-837-5310,