December 23, 2022

One of our core values at ConsensusDocs is innovation. Innovation — along with trust and collaboration — allows us to help the construction industry build a better way by developing contracts that protect the best interests of any project.

As you already know, the construction industry has seen a significant rise in prices in recent years due to increasing building material prices, inflation and rising interest rates, and supply chain disruptions. To help you deal with these more volatile market conditions, ConsensusDocs is investing more in our contracts platform, ease of use of our materials, and more frequent updates to help keep you — the ConsensusDocs customer — armed with contracts that help you navigate the current and future environment.

To support these improvements, we’ve made the decision to increase our prices effective January 1st, 2023. Our new pricing structure can be found below.

PackageFirst LicenseAdditional Licenses
Full Package$1,400.00$740.00
Owner Package$1,290.00$639.20
Design-Builder Package$1,100.00$503.20
Subcontracting Package$875.00$471.20
Design Professional Package$775.00$479.20
Consultant Package$645.00$463.20
Express/Short Forms Package$645.00$399.20
Express/Short Forms Package Pay Per Document$416.00$416.00
Bond Forms Package$184.00$24.00

(Members of our 41 coalition organizations will continue to receive a 20% discount off the regular retail price on all ConsensusDocs subscriptions when using a valid discount code at checkout.)

At ConsensusDocs, we are committed to helping you meet your construction contracting needs by continuing to develop contracts and documents that protect the project’s best interests. Please feel free to contact us at with any questions, concerns, or comments.