About Our Contract Packages

Subcontracting Package

The Subcontracting Package is tailored to Subcontractors, and allows access to all 700 Subcontracting series and the 900 Public-Private-Partnership series documents for one full year.

This package provides contract solutions for the contractual relationship between Subcontractors and General Contractors, Design-Builders and Subsubcontractors alike, as well as supporting administrative forms and addendums for BIM and Green Building.

This package is ideal for specialty contractors who are primarily subcontracted by the GC. None of the templates from the 500 CM At-Risk are included in this package.

Full Package

The Full Package Unlimited allows unlimited access to all 100+ ConsensusDocs contracts for one full year. Our most popular and best value option, the Full Package Unlimited is the ideal subscription package for contractors and owners working with a variety of project-delivery methods and are looking for the full suite of ConsensusDocs contract templates.

Design-Builder Package

The Design-Builder Package contains unlimited access to all the 400 Design-Build agreements for one full year, as well as supporting administrative forms and prime agreements.

This subscription option is ideal for Contractors and Owners interested in the Design-Build project delivery method, where a single entity is contracted for both the design and construction services on a given project. None of the templates from the 500 CM At-Risk, 800 Program Management and 900 Public-Private-Partnership are available in this package.